Paul Rolph -01Historical Horticulture!

Allow me to introduce myself……..

I am a self employed Garden designer and Historical consultant, and a Probationary Member of The Garden Media Guild.

I have been performing costumed Re-enactments since 1985, mostly for fun!  I am also a passionate gardener, having studied garden design as a post graduate at Brackenhurst College and at Portland College too (I was given the Walter Laughton Memorial Rosebowl for Horticulture).  I was once also a head chef, and have a passionate love of history, having studied Classical History as part of my degree, and came to be fascinated by the food eaten in times past.

So I sat down one day and thought…’how can I combine ALL the things I love?’

And here it is, Historical Horticulture.

I do lectures and talks on Historical Horticulture…with a few recipes thrown in, from Classical times to WW2.

Some examples are…

Roman Horticultural Techniques.
Roman Cooking, From the Garden to the Table
Plants Used in Assassination, from Classical Times to The Renaissance.
The Art Of Topiary
The Classical Roman Garden
Roman Viticulture
17th Century Gardens
Creating and maintaining Wildflower Meadows.
The Wartime Garden.
Creating Herb Gardens.

Paul Rolph - 03But I can usually tailor a lecture to your individual requirements.
A brief description of just ONE of the lectures….

Roman Horticulture:  This talk is one of my favourites.  Roman Horticulture.  Together we’ll have fun talking about the Roman horticultural gods, how belief in them shaped Roman gardening styles.  We’ll have a quick spin around the Republic and Empire to see different gardening styles, the crops they introduced  to and grew in Britannia, and how they grew them (you’d be surprised at how many they actually introduced into Britannia!)…and most important of all what they turned the produce into.  I’ll bring a couple of Roman dishes for you to try too.

And I’ll deliver the whole talk in Roman costume.

But most of all….we’ll have fun!


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