Social Media is a quick and easy way to promote you club meetings, events and messages to hundreds of people in one click!

Facebook and Twitter accounts can be linked so you only have to post on either site and they duplicate the post to the other site immediately.

Your ‘groups’ can be visible to the Public or just a selective group of Friends or completely private.  It’s not a scary as you think…..

It gives you the opportunity to post Photos, promote events share gardening tips, advice etc..

facebok logo with like

You create your own audience with your group invite people to become ‘friends’ and to ‘follow’ your group then they can ‘like’ your photos, posts – everyone who is your friend  will receive direct messages from you as you post on the group Facebook page.

twiiter logo with bird

Twitter allows you to ‘follow’ individuals and  send messages up to 160 characters highlighting certain words by using the (hashtag e.g. #gardening) also retweet messages, photos, events if you want to highlight an event to specific followers you can use @theirname